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Career development and training

Employee career development

Companies adhere to create personal and business development platform for the professional development of individuals and enterprises. According to the characteristics of the post and, combined with their career interests and expertise, build the management, professional, technical, marketing, technicians and other five kinds of post career development channel, associated with employee career development and performance appraisal and salary, better meet the career development of all kinds of personnel. At the same time, the company established a more scientific evalsuation mechanism and the selection and elimination mechanism, the full implementation of all kinds of talent team echelon construction, to provide a diversified growth opportunities for employees.

Staff training

Companies adhere to the value of human capital preservation and appreciation from the position, the level of staff quality and skills of a comprehensive upgrade, advocate the "perfect self, beyond the self" learning concept. Has set up an internal part - time lecturer, external experts, supplemented by the instructor system, more perfect training course system, as well as the company and the cause of the right to be responsible for the two - level training management system. Formed the post tutorial system, classroom teaching and the combination of the diversity of staff training form.

In the company and Department of two-stage training mode, employees enjoy rich training packages, including new employees into vocational training, pre job training, professional and technical seminars, on-the-job training, management training, promotion to enhance training, excellent performance of staff, will also enjoy overseas rotations or exchange and training, MBA training, Chinese and foreign artists, and send training etc..

At present, the company is stepping up to promote construction of United School of management, set out to establish and perfect the system of knowledge management, and actively cultivate the good atmosphere of full learning, group learning, lifelong learning, committed to push Zoomlion to create a learning organization, to realize the enterprise and the staff of the coordinated development of sustained.