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Compensation and benefit policy

Company employees to provide with competitive compensation and the establishment of a scientific and reasonable to motivate for guiding salary distribution patterns and dynamic salary adjustment mechanism, respect for differences in post value, according to the categories of posts were set up different salary system.

Provides the employees with a wide range of welfare, in addition to pay endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and other various social insurance and housing accumulation fund for employees, employees were healthy, for travel of staff for accidental injury insurance.

Employees in addition to enjoy the national statutory holidays and annual leave, but also in the company's anniversary, Lantern Festival and other special day leave for a long time.

In addition, the company also distributed free industry and trade equipment and provide equipment for cleaning services; provide free working lunch and facilities of the staff apartments, covering most of the city of Changsha City luxury bus shuttle employees work; the employees get married, birth, birthday, sick in the hospital days, but also to be a carefully prepared gifts or condolence payments.