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    YITUO industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd. / KONOS hardware mould factory was established in October 2005, is a line from the cutting start, gradually grow into a line cutting as the center, to the hardware mold, CNC computer gongs, carved processing, fixture, such as outward expansion of the professional OEM factory. Company has modern large-scale advanced processing equipment, Huizhou City foreign processing the largest computer gongs (2 m) processing equipment, wire cutting (10, 1 m 4) equipment, such as large-scale advantages of machine tool. Standing at the starting point of the industry, based on the concept of efficient and low-cost, for customers to save every piece of money, dies, jigs, fixture, OEM parts, each link are fast for precise, legislation seeking to let customers get the greatest satisfaction, trust and affirmation.

   Passion for entrepreneurship, never-ending, and strive to every project and every product to achieve a reasonable, qualified, durable, saving the best standard.