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Our service

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Our service

- adhere to long-term cooperation with you is our target all along.

- your tasks, we explore solutions. Your problem is not only the challenge to our work, but also to our motivation.

- our willingness to help us pay attention to the active effect of a work, stand in the position you think about your problem. We attach great importance to your ideas!

The study of "CNC machining center" has become our habit. Special CNC processing center requires a special solution.

We pursue the highest precision and top quality.

- welcome to inquire about our other enterprises. Welcome to establish contact with us immediately!

Warmly welcome you to come to negotiate business.

Huizhou Yi Tuo industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd. / Kenuo Si hardware mold factory

contact information

Metal mold department: 0752-3083349

Company fax: 0752 -3083359

CNC design department: 0752-3083369

Company address: Huicheng chenjiangzhen Baiyun Mountain avenue into the District of Huizhou City, 1500 meters (Jin Bojue Hotel diagonally opposite)

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