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Efficient processing of large workpieces

點擊數3522016-04-11 15:31:39 來源: Huizhou Yi Tuo industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Double disc cutter, can be carried out at the same time, the replacement of a knife, at this time, for the real-time processing of the workpiece, can be replaced by a double claw cutter arm from another tool directly into the tool (Figure 4). For the HSK 63 type tool, there are 60 tools for the use of tool storage; for SK tool, there are 50 tool storage. In the use of HSK 63 tool, the tool change time is 4.3 s

Figure 550 G five 1 axis machining center with a circular rotary table. his

The stroke of X, Y and Z axes reached 800mm, 950mm and 1020 mm respectively.

G five type 550 axis machining center can carry out efficient and flexible machining with a cylinder with a shell of 900 mm. In this regard, you can use up to 500 mm of the tool. By using a double disc knife library, can be in operation at the same time, to achieve a disc replacement.

With the successful entry of the G five axis machining center into the standard machine tool field two years later, Grob-Werke has expanded its standard machine tool product range, and introduced a larger G 550 processing center (Figure 1). As the company said, the introduction of new processing centers should be the next important and necessary step in the company to enhance market share in this area. G 550 processing center can provide users with the processing of a larger size of the workpiece processing opportunities. Travel on the X, Y, and Z axes can be 800mm, 950mm, and 1020mm. The height of the workpiece can be machined (pure B axis) is 735 mm.

Has strategic significance for the machine tool manufacturer of the Mindelheim area to expand the existing market share and develop new markets. In particular, to aim at the international market, this is because there is a greater market potential, G 550 processing centers can give full play to its advantages.

G 550 type machining center set all the advantages of 350 machine in a body, the shaft of the distribution form for y, a and B axes on the workpiece, and X and Z axes in the tool, also with horizontal spindle and circular rotary working table and other advantages. Therefore, it can be a 900mm diameter with the shell of the oil cylinder workpiece five face machining (Figure 2). In this regard, can be used up to 500 mm of the tool.

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