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Processing high quality thread with high speed technology

點擊數3742016-04-11 15:30:53 來源: Huizhou Yi Tuo industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd.

In a large engine block, there are generally 20 to 40 threads. It is easy to find the connection between the parts and components in the crankshaft, the cylinder head, the connecting rod and the stamping and die forging parts of the whole vehicle. In mechanical engineering, the shell, the bearing and the wheel hub also have a lot of thread connection. Especially in mass production, such as in the automotive industry, rapid and reliable manufacturing these threads is crucial, especially in connection with the end of the thread and the manufacturing process of parts, when a lot of processing time was invested in each of the parts, if nonconforming parts will become expensive things.

Greatly improve the efficiency of the high-speed screw extrusion Taps

Considering the actual condition of these applications, Walter company in this year's emo trade fair exhibited a new whole hard alloy extrusion tap Protodyn HSC. The extrusion tap is included in the range of high speed cutting tool, so that it can reach twice the extrusion speed of conventional HSS (high speed steel). Field experiments in a number of companies have shown that the squeezing screw threads taps in terms of performance has reached a new height. For an extrusion part, using a screw extrusion Taps formed the number of threads, using the original tool 20000, Protodyn? HSC reached 90000. This showed that the tool life is improved by 3.5 percent. The cutting speed, or more precisely, the extrusion speed is doubled. In addition, with two hours of saving the time to process 90000 threads. For a link, and use the original screw extrusion Taps compared to Protodyn? HSC tool life extended 300 percent. In the crankshaft, the number of threads is almost 4 times, the tool life is increased by two hundred and eighty percent, the processing time is shortened by twenty-five percent.

Walter company responsible for thread manufacturing production manager Timo Mager said: "tool life up conventional HSS (high speed steel) three times, the benefits far higher than for the new Protodyn? HSC pay relatively high purchase price." He also unveils the successful reason: "a new development of matrix, an innovative cutting groove and the optimization of the extrusion forming blade angle shape extrusion - the three innovation together produced Protodyn? HSC in the significant advantages. Whole hard alloy thread extrusion tap matrix by the micro grain varieties with high hardness and high toughness composition, which makes the thread extruding tap to obtain the high stability. The new cutting grooves mean that all of the extrusion dies of the cutting tool can be evenly participated in the extrusion process, which leads to a more uniform distribution of wear than the original cutting extrusion process. Only the process has extended the tool life by seventy-five percent. Finally, extrusion extrusion edge new polygonal reduces the friction between the tool and the material and heat generation, to further improve the tool life.

Figure 3 considerable improvement in tool life: New

HSC? Protodyn can process 3 multiple purpose threads.

Advantages of screw extrusion

As a result, the new HSC tool represents a real bright spot in the field of screw extrusion, and it provides its own advantages over the thread cutting. In the first place, the extrusion forming process does not generate any chips, so the problem of chip packing is eliminated completely, and the process of the screw extrusion is not easy to be affected by faults. For this reason, it is more willing to use the screw extrusion to form the deeper thread. Another advantage is that it can process a high quality thread. In the extrusion process, the parts of the material fiber is compressed, not in the cutting process is removed. As a result, the thread has a better structure and a better surface quality. This has a very beneficial effect in the threaded connection, which is mainly in the case of dynamic load conditions, such as the vibration of the motor. The tensile strength of the extruded thread is twenty percent to thirty higher than that obtained by the cutting process. Nature of the work of the vehicle and machinery have a favorable effect. Screw extrusion tap tap than damage slowly, this is because the tap requires spiral chip chip removal. Therefore, the cross section area ratio of extrusion tap tap, the process is more stable. Walter company product manager Timo Mager praised said: "so in some industry sectors, does not always screw extrusion that is an alternative to the thread cutting process," he is also aware of the "whole hard alloy thread extrusion Taps have some degree of sensitivity, so people are more willing to adopt the HSS (high speed steel alloy) tool."

Wide application range

However, with the advantages of HSC Protodyn, the advantages of screw extrusion will be fully revealed, especially in mass production. In this case, the time and speed are the most important. In the automotive industry and similar mass production departments, the new thread extrusion taps can really play its potential. This method can be considered for all metal materials which can be used for mold processing, so it can be widely used in silicon components below twelve percent of steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials. When the pitch is 1.5 mm, the tool achieves its best effect.

HSC Protodyn to provide a variety of varieties. According to the thread of use, can be used with or without cooling extrusion taps. The lubricating groove, extrusion taps can be generic, especially for deep thread over 3xd. For applications that do not require a lubrication groove, lower prices can be used. Because there is no need to discharge the same chip, extrusion taps can be used for basic thread and thread through hole. In applications requiring continuous machining of large amounts of threads - such as the application of a machining connecting rod, a non-standard tool is required. Walter Inc can be specialized in the need to process the thread configuration, which is the cooling, lubrication and cutting groove special configuration.
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