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Chinese manufacturing industry 4 model will take another 20 years?

點擊數3182016-04-11 16:11:06 來源: Huizhou Yi Tuo industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd.

In Boao Forum on China's development of the manufacturing industry, in fact, is not a trivial matter. Before just died shortly before Intel chairman Andy Grove had said that America now faces a to the task is to reconstruct the system of basic industries, he believes that companies in the United States in the pursuit of their own goals, not the forget oneself is also charged with the responsibility for maintaining the national industrial base, because industrial base in consumer spending and social stability based. The above analysis shows the importance of the manufacturing industry, which has a reference value for china. If China wants to continue to be a solid economy, it is necessary to make a "world factory" manufacturing industry. To this end, Chinese to reach the level of industrial development in 4, estimates it will bite the stem 20 years!

China's economy in the "real" is an indisputable fact, manufacturing transfer, shrinking and exit in the country a large number of. This essentially means that the "world factory" in China is gradually fading. Has China passed the stage of manufacturing? Obviously not, China is now not only to engage in manufacturing, but also to continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. As an independent think tank of Anbound consulting (Anbound) in more than four years has previously suggested, if China has in the past is the factory of the world "version 1.0", then future goal is to do the factory of the world "version 2.0", in the front and more advanced "world factory version 3.0", "world factory version 4.0", "world factory version 5.0", Japan, Germany, the United States living in high-end manufacturing.

At the beginning of this view in this year's Boao forum has been confirmed. Domestic long been engaged in manufacturing of TCL chairman Li Dongsheng said that in accordance with the standard German, TCL's color TV factory, a cell phones factory can reach the industrial 2.0, "2025 has 30 years of the cycle of China's manufacturing, the goal is to the whole of China's industrial competitive capacity reached the world leading level. This is only the first phase of China's industrial transformation and upgrading of industrial capacity, the real transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing, China from manufacturing power into a manufacturing powerhouse, the future is still a long way. Li Dongsheng also said that China has a large number of factories in the industrial 2 phase, from 2 to 3.5 of the industry, and then to 4, China has a long way to go. Heraeus (Heraeus) Group Chairman Ling Rhett at the forum also said that if China is to achieve industrial 4.0, the evolution process need 10 years or even 20 years time, "this is the industrial revolution".

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