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Large scale, automation, specialization is the development direction of domestic crane

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In recent years, the domestic crane emerge in the international market, the mainstream enterprises lead the industry upgrading, technological breakthroughs. Review the course of growth: from 2000 to 2005, the global crane industry in compound annual growth of 25% more than the high speed growth period. Among them, China's contribution to the largest incremental, truck crane sales from the beginning of 1999 doubled, in 2003 exceeded 1 million units, China has become the largest crane manufacturer in the world. In the meantime, mainstream enterprises to achieve the two key breakthrough, one is production capacity exceeded 1 million units, second is innovation to adapt to Chinese demand below 100 ton crane technology, overcome all terrain crane core technology, forming a cover low-end high school Chinese School of technology, the special key, it established the Chinese crane unique price advantage.

At present, China heavy machinery and equipment production enterprises reached more than 3500, which 1898 companies have installation, demolition permits, they have more advanced manufacturing capabilities, the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, heavy machinery products of the total value of industrial production and sales revenue, respectively per year increase of 30%, but the product in general and foreign or larger gap.

From 2005 to 2010, the macro environment has an important change: countries to increase investment in infrastructure construction, energy and other construction projects led to the large hoisting the technological innovation, the mainstream companies to achieve three major breakthroughs: internationalization speed, the second is the crane product structure and product categories are further subdivided, type spectrum span from 5 tons to cover 2000 tons, with car, car, the whole ground, crawler, off-road tire type development; three is large. China crane largest tonnage 200 tons of history is broken, the global crane industry completed the span from 100 tons to kiloton.

From 2010 to 2013, the tightening of macroeconomic environment, but the supply capacity increased by nearly two times, mainstream enterprises, on the one hand to deal with all kinds of competition pressure, also catch the structural changes of the area, realize the second international take-off in the strategic layout, the layout of product and technology quickly seize large tonnage to highs, Chinese enterprises once again demonstrated the advantage, one of "the world" are or are about to be born, and a wheel in order to enhance the user the use value is the theme of a new generation of technology revolution is on the rise.

Future development trend

At present, lifting machinery is in the market at a high speed development period, there is a great market development potential. With the rapid development of modern construction, the requirements of the lifting machinery is also getting higher and higher, and the development of the trend of hoisting machinery to large scale, automation and specialization.

  Large scale

Since the beginning of the new century, the trend of large-scale projects to accelerate, the domestic super crawler cranes began to appear in front of people. 1000 tons, 2000 tons of crawler cranes have been launched, opened a prelude to the rapid development of China's super crawler crane. Currently on the crane market, the largest sales of 5~8t products, accounting for more than 50% of total sales. Due to the large number of manufacturers, the price competition intensified, product profit margins increasingly narrow, while the profit margins of large tonnage products far more than small and medium tonnage products. From the point of view of the development direction of domestic automobiles chassis, large tonnage truck market growing rapidly, FAW, heavy truck and other manufacturers are in speeding up the development of large tonnage truck chassis, so large tonnage overhead traveling crane products will as large tonnage chassis market expands gradually increase, the 2011 10t products accounted for total sales of less than 30%, this year on half a 10t of above products accounted for 33% of the total sales volume, in the next few years, a series of large tonnage bridge crane products will have a larger space for development, the demand is gradually increasing trend.

With the construction of large-scale projects, the lifting and transportation of materials for lifting machinery to provide a more broad space for development, market demand continues to grow, the industry outlook.


The rapid development of hoisting machinery industry has greatly promoted the application of automation products in the industry. Although the overall level of automation applications in China's lifting machinery industry is not high, but whether it is the lifting machinery manufacturers or lifting machinery users are gradually aware of the advantages of the application of automation products.

Luo Wenlong China Academy of Building Research Building Mechanization Research Branch Technology Center Director, said automation products application potential in the lifting machinery industry is huge, prospects are very broad. Both the city to more mature and modern form of development trend, or economic crisis, countries in the infrastructure stimulus spending, showing the flourishing development of hoisting machinery. From control to transmission, the application of automation products in this industry is also increasingly accumulated. From the point of view of the existing scale, space for future growth and the current growth rate, heavy machinery industry has gradually become the market of automation companies should not be overlooked.


With the national electric power, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other infrastructure construction into the climax, the rapid expansion of the domestic crane market, the large crane trend has become an irreversible fact. In order to reduce the production cost, save manpower and material resources, the demand for large cranes is gradually expanding, and the requirement of the crane is more and more large. The lifting speed of the increasingly high demand, must on energy consumption control and crane performance requirements more and more high. As one of the most important part of the automation production process, simple operation, high safety, reliable performance, easy maintenance is a basic requirement of the crane. In addition, the price of high play heavy machinery will be more in the future market.

To this end, to meet the needs of a variety of professional cranes are constantly being developed and put into use, there are nuclear power, paper, garbage disposal and other special crane. The special performance of the crane can also meet a wide variety of working environment, such as anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, insulation crane, etc.. The performance of traditional railway and ship special crane is also increasing, and the adaptability to the environment is also increasing.

Can imagine, with the urbanization construction in cities and towns across the country continue to expand and accelerate the development, including aspects of railway transportation, construction, energy, water and so on many engineering construction, and to the development of Chinese crane industry provides a more broad prospects for development. The next 3 to 5 years of time, the crane market in China will be more wonderful, 100 tons to kiloton product spectrum will be more intensive, technology will be more mature, people will gradually from the initial to Chinese enterprise series of breakthroughs in the "world's largest" surprise calm down, more deeply integrated into engineering application and user requirements.

 Face China heavy machinery industry development momentum is good, we should pay attention to the mechanical technology is presented in this paper. Lifting machinery and equipment of sustainable development strategy, although China has to enter the high-end, but of independent innovation, establish their own brands, to promote the development of the strategic, lead with innovative development to do a good job ability oneself so that the industry's long-term development, set up intellectual property rights awareness should be strengthen the cultivation.

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