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Risk and development trend of industrial automation equipment industry

點擊數13152016-04-11 16:17:30 來源: Huizhou Yi Tuo industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Industrial automation equipment belongs to intelligent equipment is the "12th Five-Year" during the state key development of strategic emerging industries (October 2010 "State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries"). However, in the development of industrial automation equipment industry, there are some risks, and in 2015 a new development trend.

1, market risk.

The number of domestic manufacturers of industrial automation market many multinational companies occupy most of the high-end market, and domestic enterprises except a few of the larger companies, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises mainly in the low-end market competition, leading to more intense competition in the market. Next, as new entrants into the enterprise, industry competition further intensified, the industry will have a negative impact on the profitability of existing companies.

2, technical risk.

Industrial automation industry with high technical content, industry with large international companies in the field have very deep technical accumulation, and continued to maintain a higher R & D investment, domestic enterprises although after 20 years of development, in some areas has been gradually catch up, but in some key components and parts manufacturing and international manufacturers still exist large gap. Next, the domestic enterprises such as the gap between technology research and development and the gradual narrowing of the national manufacturers, it will always be in the industry value chain downstream, in the competition in a disadvantageous position.

3, the industry chain is not perfect risk.

Domestic industrial automation industry chain is not perfect: affected by the traditional system and the concept, industry still exists "heavy research and development, light industry" the tendency, many technological achievements out of the test room and was eventually shelved; state investment funds are limited, enterprises and research institutions lack of capital operation, investment risk consciousness and ability; and industrial automation related to the processing of raw materials and components manufacturing industries, low level of technology, it is difficult to provide support. And abroad in the field of industrial automation, basic research, industry, manufacturing has formed a complete set of system: many multinational R & D institutions in countries and regions in Europe, America, Japan and other developed science and technology, talent and technology intensive; the industrialization in China Taiwan, Singapore and other places, these regions have a large number of early to do OEM started enterprise, the basic technical transformation for the sophisticated products has accumulated rich experience, while the cost to much lower than Europe and the United States,; when the product enters the stable, high-volume manufacturing jobs into design in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and other lower cost of developing the factory to complete. The industry chain is not perfect and has a negative impact on the long-term development of China's automation industry.

Development trend

Industrial automation equipment belongs to the category of intelligent equipment. It is during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" national key support for the development of strategic emerging industries (2010 October "the State Council on accelerating the fostering and development of strategic emerging industries of the decision"). In the next five years, with the demographic dividend disappeared and raw materials, energy costs rise, China's manufacturing industry will experience from extensive, low value-added model to the intensive, high value-added model of historical change. As a high-end manufacturing industry "cornerstone", industrial automation equipment facing the transform and upgrade traditional industries and emerging industry development needs double opportunities, which we judge the two remarkable growth line will appear in the industry: 1, accelerate the growth of high-end smart equipment: the penetration rate of inverter in CNC machine tools, process automation system, has a higher products such as growth is slowing down, but with low labor costs, industrial upgrading accelerated upward into the white hot stage, "artificial" attributes stronger, lower permeability of the early "high-end smart equipment (such as industrial robots, automatic assembly line, automatic warehousing equipment etc.) is expected to cross the product introduction period, entered a high-speed growth period. 20-30% has maintained an average annual growth rate of the next 5 years.

Leading local automation rise: benefit developing countries support localization rate promotion policy intentions, key parts of the breakthrough, grasp the core technology, strong R & D capabilities and domestic enterprise automation equipment) is expected to accelerate the pace of import substitution. To achieve more than the average of the rapid growth of industry.

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