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The future development direction of machine tools: automation, intelligent, green environmental protection

點擊數3402016-04-11 16:16:18 來源: Huizhou Yi Tuo industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Machine, as one of the most important equipment in the processing and manufacturing of industrial equipment, is constantly moving towards intelligent. CNC machine tools, it created the integration of precision manufacturing technology and related technologies, computer software and hardware technology, and compatible with the network technology of the first, launched the development of human intelligent production tools. When the numerical control machine tool through the numerical control device gradually with logical judgment and teaching function, the intelligent characteristics began to receive more attention.

Intelligent machine tool is a machine tool that can make judgment and decision for manufacturing process. Intelligent machine tools to understand the whole process of manufacturing, to monitor, diagnose and correct in the production process of various types of deviation. And can provide the solution for the optimization of production. In addition, the remaining life of the cutting tool, the main shaft, the bearing and the guide rail can be calculated, so that the user can clearly understand the remaining time and the replacement time.

The emergence of intelligent machine tools for the future of the equipment manufacturing industry to achieve full production automation created the conditions. The intelligent machine can improve the machining accuracy and efficiency of the machine by automatically restraining vibration, reducing thermal deformation, preventing interference, automatically adjusting the amount of lubricating oil, reducing noise and so on. For the further development of integrated manufacturing system, the level of automation of a single machine tool can greatly reduce the workload of people in the management of machine tools.

Intelligent machine tools enable people to have more energy and time to solve complex problems outside the machine tool, but also to further develop intelligent machines and intelligent systems. The development and innovation of numerical control system plays an extremely important role in the intelligent machine tool. It can contain a large amount of information, for a variety of information storage, analysis, processing, judgment, adjustment, optimization, control. Intelligent machine also has important functions, such as: fixture database, type of dialogue programming tool path test, the processing time of operation analysis, start time situation analysis, the actual processing load monitoring, processing navigation, adjustment, optimization, and adaptive control. In other words, the evolution of the machine tool can be sent to the information and their own thinking, to adapt to the requirements of flexible and efficient production systems.

The development of information technology and its integration with the traditional machine tools make the machine tool in the direction of digitization, integration, intelligence and green environmental protection. The application space of digital manufacturing equipment, digital production line, digital factory will be more and more big; and the use of intelligent technology to realize the optimization of reconstruction of multi information fusion of intelligent decision-making process to control, intelligent error compensation control, complex surface machining trajectory optimization control, fault self diagnosis and maintenance of intelligent and integrated information such as function, will greatly enhance the forming and machining precision and improve manufacturing efficiency. CNC machine tools need to strengthen the intelligent judgment of information.

Machine intelligent control of NC system put forward higher requirements, which requires numerical control system not only has the openness, inclusiveness and some secondary development characteristics, also according to the needs of users of the personalization features, the NC system interface suitable and forward-looking also put forward higher expectations.

With the rapid development of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology. Our intelligent manufacturing equipment of the depth and breadth of development is improving day by day. Intelligent control systems, industrial robots and automation of complete sets of production line for intelligent manufacturing equipment industry system preliminary formation. A group with independent intellectual property rights of major intelligent manufacturing equipment is to achieve a breakthrough.
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