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Automation equipment startups usher in the best of times"

點擊數6682016-04-11 16:13:22 來源: Huizhou Yi Tuo industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd.

"Soaring labor costs are forced manufacturers to upgrade the manufacturing sector, which allows the robot to automatically stand on the outlet." Last year, Shandong Sam automation equipment Co., Ltd., general manager of Qiu Hongbo and his partner together through the shuangchuang reign a rapid development.

"Made in China 2025", the United States "re industrialization idea", Japan "industrial intelligence" and the German "industrial 4" and other hot search words so that more and more people understand the industrial robot automation. Qiu Hongbo said, the traditional industrial enterprises now sad day, away from the market more nearly have the greater impact, but robotic automation has ushered in the rapid development, standing in the air, Sam automation such as start-ups with good time completed the accumulation of technology.

Sam automation equipment company has done more than ten years of construction machinery, from April 2014 to start the main industrial robot system applications. Asset light operations automation Sam, in a short period of time more than a year, not only won the Foton millions of dollars of orders involved in the business Shandong, Hebei, Fujian, Hubei and other places.

In the double background, technical cooperation between universities and enterprises more smoothly, it is impossible to imagine in the past." Qiu Hongbo told reporters that the company in the past in the use of "brain" in the process, colleges and universities are generally reluctant to cooperate with private start-ups, especially joint technology development. Domestic colleges and universities in the industrial automation has a wealth of technical reserves, is often more theoretical, in the pursuit of scientific research is too advanced and experimental, ignoring the market demand, the enterprise is just its complementary.

Qiu Hongbo said Sam R & D this year a robotic arm stamping technique involves, past companies rely on the company's own technical team to complete the development of at least half of the time, after and the cooperative development of the Hebei University of technology, only about 2 months time has been completed, push the products into the market on schedule in advance greatly, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

"Company application of industrial robot system is less than 2 years of time, or is accumulated in the investment stage, although robotic automation in the capital market is very hot, there are many investors to talk about the investment, but are still cautious." Qiu Hongbo said 2015 focus on the domestic market, the project of standardized design more, 2016 prepared with the help of the industry of tuyere, expand the team size, will have been forming module technology, try peers involved in the export of the automation, in the competition is not fierce blue ocean force.

As an entrepreneur, Qiu Hongbo last year, the most real feel the hot business circle. At most, about a month or so, Qiu Hongbo attended the 5 business forum or summit, you can say that there are activities. This is not he participated in various exhibitions and promotion will and professional automation business exchange, part of these activities more or less and entrepreneurial detached.

A few years ago, the business circle has been lukewarm not fire, did not expect this year's sudden outbreak of all kinds of resources on the unprecedented attention of entrepreneurs, the circle of friends every day on the innovation and entrepreneurship information brush non-stop. Our start-up enterprises in the industry's influence is limited, with entrepreneurial circles concern not the past, and many investors, automation, networking start-ups have a lot of contact, harvest a lot. "

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